New York Sports betting regulation news

At present New York is not regulated and the wagering on sports betting is still considered as illegal! However, they are doing their best to come up with a ready betting bill and to legalize the activity in the state. What’s more, unlike the other states NY are quite close to completely legalizing the sports betting.

Stay tuned with us people from NY city! We will keep you posted on the latest news regarding the regulation movement. We expect the sports betting to be available for you quite soon!

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CBC reminds about key guidelines to be followed during the legalizing

09/07/2018 – update

Citizens Budget Commission is a nonprofit organization who decided to take part in the NY legalization part. What they insist on is for the lawmakers to follow four key guidelines and to stick to them in order not to rush and to legalize the activity once everything is completely ready. According to their research the gambling activity is quite different from state to state and this should be considered as well. Here are the 4 key guidelines according to the organization:

- People behavior
- Thoughtful tax designation
- The migration from illegal to legal gambling
- The possible negative impact from Sports Betting

New York Senator speaks about solid federal framework for sports betting

08/29/2018 – update

The NY Senator Chuck Schumer suggested multiple changes in the recently legalized industry. He is insisting on the government to make sure that all parties will benefit from the sports betting. As a must for him is the minimum age to place bets to be 21 and all people with gambling problems to be highly protected.