Minnesota Sports betting regulation news

Unfortunately the state of Minnesota is far away from legalizing the gambling activity… Sports betting is not likely to be seen anytime soon. However, we believe that popular betting option could help a lot the progress of any state and sooner or later this will be available for the local people. We are looking forward to see what’s going to happen but at present all we know is that the state is not looking for it.

Possible Bookmakers to open in Minnesota

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Minnesota sports betting discussion

10/11/2018 – Update

Even though legalizing sports betting in Minneapolis looks far, Minnesota entrepreneurs and local businesspeople are discussing what it would be like to operate in the city. Sports fantasy expert and founder of fanball.com Paul Charchian said: “For consumers, sports betting is going to be either sports books pop up at Mystic Lake or Treasure Island or one other brick and mortar casino with sports books. But much more so than that, we will be able to place bets on our phones, in the middle of games, and be able to play directly from our phones and our computers”.

Teague Orgeman, CEO of Starting 11, also talked about the segment saying: “I think that is something that’s coming to the United States. I think we’re going to see some companies like ours offer products that appeal to fans who want that interactive experience with the sports.”