Kentucky Sports betting regulation news

Kentucky is coming closer and closer to legalizing the sports betting in the State. So far they are working hard on building a draft of a sports betting bill. It’s expected the gambling activity to be live in the next calendar year 2019 after the General Assembly in January. The power there is with the democrats and we are quite confident in them.

Stay with us and follow the legalizing process there! We expect a huge grow in this market and many possibilities for sports betting once sports betting is legalized.

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Kentucky’s sports betting won’t have an integrity fee

08/28/2018 – Update

Kentucky is set to legalese the Sports betting segment. A working group is debating the regulation, and decided that taxes are to be on net revenue, with no integrity fees paid to professional sports leagues. Sen. Julian M. Carroll said “there is consensus that the appropriate tax on sports wagering is on net revenue and sports leagues will not receive any fees.”

Kentucky lawmakers develop sports betting bill

08/20/2018 – Confirmed

A group of legislators from different political parties in Kentucky is developing a legislative piece, to legalese sports betting in the state. The Senators Morgan McGarvey and Julie Raque Adams, with State House Representative Jason Nemes; are receiving input from several politicians from all political parties and other people related to the business to create a draft bill to present once the General Assembly convenes in January 2019.
McGarvey said: “Getting sports gaming here is something we need to do. It will provide needed revenue and its money people are already spending anyway.”

The odds for legalizing the sports betting in Kentucky are good

08/10/2018 – Update

Kentucky Sen. Morgan McGarvey revealed there is a bipartisan group working on a bill that would legalize sports betting in the state and thinks the bill will pass the General Assembly. Lawmakers have plenty of time to come up with a strong legislative piece to be evaluated and possibly approved, since the General Assembly meets again in January 2019.
“This is a way we can get revenue without using the dreaded word ‘tax’,” said McGarvey. McGarvey also added that sports betting revenue could help cover some deficits in social services, like Medicaid. Martin Cothran, spokesman for the Kentucky Family Foundation, thinks sports betting is not “a good policy” because it’s a moral issue. “There are just too many problems associated with it,” he said.