Connecticut Sports betting regulation news

As far as we see the State is open for the sports betting. What’s more, they even started to work on launching a bill to regulate the segment. For sure it’s not something we are going to see soon but we hope that there will be some important update in the 2019. They are not rushing now that’s for sure!

Possible Bookmakers to open in Connecticut

Stay tuned with all the Connecticut news about the sports betting regulation.

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Connecticut Gov. discusses sports betting

08/07/2018 – Update

Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, said his administration is ready to propose a new system to regulate and profit from sports betting, but no clear time on when the legislature would look into it since the legislature won’t be back in regular session until January 2019.

Malloy informed the two tribal casinos and other about talks with legislative leaders anticipating his leave in January 8th. His administration had asked lawmakers to answer back within a week if they’re interested in treating the issue soon or do it with his successor. “The bottom line is in the last few weeks real action has taken place. People have started to move in a direction where I think an agreement could ultimately be reached” Malloy said. He added that this is about competitiveness, maintaining market share and perhaps capturing a portion of the illegal gaming revenue that is generated.