California Sports betting regulation news

We don’t have enough information about the state of California at present. There were not so many discussions regarding the sports betting but we hope sooner or later this to be brought on the table. It’s definitely a hot topic in the US and the government won’t avoid it much longer, for sure.

Possible Bookmakers to open in California

Below we will keep you posted if there are any updates regarding the sports betting in California!

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MGM venture signs sports betting deal in California

10/10/2018 – Update

After the US Supreme Court overturned the act that prevents states from offering sports betting, MGM-GVC Interactive partnered with the United Auburn Indian Community (UAIC), to allow the UAIC to offer sports betting, and online casino and poker using MGM-GVC’s services if permitted by Californian laws.

UAIC represents the ideal partner for MGM-GVC in California since it allows access to the largest US state by population. Chairman of UAIC, Gene Whitehouse, said that it’s not clear if Caklifornia will allow sports betting yet. “Our Tribe wants to be well-situated, and this agreement with the national leader in the field does just that.” Whitehouse added.