Alabama Sports betting regulation news

So far at the State of Alabama the sports betting is illegal. Furthermore, there is not a clear sign in which direction the state will decide to go. We hope that at the beginning of 2019 there will be some more advanced discussions which will give us more clarity.

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Below we will keep you posted if there are any updates regarding the sports betting in Alabama!

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Discussion regarding sports betting possibility in Alabama

08/07/2018 – update

Alabama State Rep. Paul Lee thinks Alabama could soon discuss the legalization of Sports betting. He said the state Legislature will probably consider a bill during the 2019 session but will likely rule on it later. “Alabama needs to be pushing industrial recruitment, supporting small business, and creating high-paying jobs instead of looking at gambling to solve financial woes.” Lee said.

Still there are people who are opposing the bill like Rep. Rich Wingo, stating that this will kill the game.