How to make money from Sports betting Bonuses in US?

US Sports betting bonuses typesSince the sports betting has become officially legal in some of the States, many bookmakers appeared on the map. In order to attract as many as possible players, most of them are offering very interesting start up bonuses. There are multiple types of Welcome Bonuses between you can choose and all of them have their own advantage. Advantage which confuse players or make them rather lose their money. However, if you stay with us you will find the best tips as how to wager your bonus and increase the chance of winning.

What kind of Sports betting bonuses are there?

As we already mentioned there are different types of promotions, so far in US there are only two types: Free Bet and Match bonus. The way you award them is pretty different, as well as the startup strategy. However, the way you wager the bonus will be absolutely the same as well as the result as long as you follow our betting tips.

Let’s make a short summery of the bonuses so we can get a better idea of them.

Free Bet - Is a bonus where you will be awarded with amount which you need to bet all at once. This bonus is never combined with your deposit.
Match Bonus - is the most common one, and it’s often displayed in percentage. Depending on the ‘’%’’ your deposit will be increase for example: 50% match bonus = deposit $100 get $50 as a bonus.

Free Bet startup strategy: How to use the betting promotion?

Free Bet bonuses in US

The free bet as a welcome bonus is quite difficult in the start due to the fact that you are limited to only one bet. On top of that you will receive as money only the winnings from the bet. With other words, you bet once and after that the stake is automatically forfeited, so you may only be awarded with the eventual winnings from it. However, the good point is that there is no wagering on the winnings here. This mean that in case your bet appears as winning you will get the money as a cash which you can withdraw or continue playing with it.

So now, after we know more about the specifics of the free bet let’s find what’s the best way to bet with it. Let’s put the negative aspects of the bonus and the best way to overcome them.

1) You must bet the full amount of the free bet all at once

Here we can’t trick them unfortunately… We have to make the bet and here is how we advise you to reduce the risk:

• Bet on two way outcomes such as (Over/Under, Asian Handicap and etc) by this way you have 50% chance rather than 33%.
• Rather avoid high risky picks

2) You don’t own the stake of the Free Bet and if you win it will be voided so you get only the pure winnings from it.

This is also very unpleasant since you will have an illusion for winning more when actually you are not. It’s up to you but we don’t see the point to get $100 as a bonus and to receive only $50 from it. Those are still money of course and the amount is good but it’s not great… From the match bonus you definitely have the chance to exit with far more money much easier. That’s why we would rather change the strategy here and instead of playing it safe with one selection. We would rather place a bet with two selection on good odds for the favorite outcome. Yes, it’s quite possible one of the selections to fail and the risk is higher since you won’t get paid for the other one. However, the odds to win are also not bad and in this case you will at least and up with a solid income like around $100.

3) What’s next?

Well it’s up to you guys, if you win you following our tips for the free bet you may withdraw a solid amount and leave or continue playing. However, if you lose it’s not the end of the world. You can rather stick with the bookie if you like it or to leave and try another one.

Top Sportsbooks offering Free Bet as a Welcome Bonus

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Match welcome bonus strategy - Bet and win more

US Welcome Sport bonus

Unlike the Free Bet this bonus is a bit harder to rollover but the possibilities to exit with bigger profit is much higher. Here, the bonus you will receive with the deposit is real and the money will not be forfeited after the wagering is completed. This means that you will not only leave with the winnings gained from the bonus but also the stake you have started with. In our opinion this is the better bonus since it’s easier in the start.

Here is our advice how to start and keep it going in order to end with nice profits at the end of the day. Follow the steps bellow to find out the full advantage of the bonus and the way to reduce the risk from losing it.

1) The received bonus can be divided in multiple bets.

Unlike the Free Bet here you can make several bets so even if one of them is settled as lost the other could end up as a winning. If you received a $100 as a bonus is much wiser to have two bets with $50. Best odds for the practice in our opinion is around (-125)

• We strongly recommend you to have only one selection per betting slip.
• It’s always best if there are only 2 outcomes of the market you choose.

2) This sports betting bonus often requests to be wagered several times (for example 3 times)

That means if you have received $100 as a bonus you must wager it 3x times ($100x3=$300). In other words you will need to have settled bets with total amount of $300 which is a bid difficult but quite doable.

• We recommend to keep the strategy and choose only one selection per bet.
• It’s always an advantage if you bet on markets with 50% chance of winning.

Top Sportsbooks with welcome Match Bonus

Fanduel $100 sport bonus
Sugerhouse sport betting bonus
888 Welcome sport bonus

Could I play more aggressive with the Match Bonus?

Win more with bonus bettingThe Match Bonus is a percentage of your deposit, mostly it’s not lower than 100% on the first buy in. Meaning that you deposit for example $100 and receive $100 as a bonus money. Be advised that in total your balance will be $200 and you are free to use it as you want. If you want to try with more aggressive strategy you can use the bonus as a backup plan. In fact, you cone cover your first bet with real money of $100 with another bet with the same approach but using the bonus funds. By this way you can win more and wager the bonus much faster instead of the first example where you divide only the bonus and don’t use the deposit.

No matter, which strategy you are going to use it’s very important that you check the following two conditions:

• Make sure to understand from which wallet will be taken the funds first (The bonus or the real balance) as well as if they will or will not be combined in one.
• Before you start make up your mind and decide for what you are playing and what are the end expected results.

At the end... This bonus is made for bigger winnings with higher risk in the long term. Keep calm and do your best, reduce the risk and it’s quite possible that you end up with $100 - $300 clear profit from it. Whatever you decide, we believe that the only think you should strongly avoid is large bet slips with multiple selections. They just decrease the winning possibility dramatically.

Should I use the Cash Out while I am betting with bonus money?

Cash out for sports betting bonusFor those who don’t know, players are allowed to use cash out while they have an active bonus. However, if they close the bet before it’s end, this bet will not count towards the wagering!

If you are not sure about the outcome of the game it’s absolutely fine to use the option. The best practice is to use it in your first bets, since those are sure money. There is no point to lose your bet in the last 10 minutes for just 10-20 bucks… However, once you increase your stake to $200 as a bonus funds we don’t see any reasons why to use the cash out. Keep it going, overall you must wager those money and it’s fine. Even if you lost one bet, since you managed to wager some cash.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend you after betting $100 on the wrong outcome to close your bet in the last minutes. Yes they will probably offer you $5-10 which will look quite tempting on a almost lost bet. But think, if you don’t cash out you will wager $100 which is not bad! However, if you close the bet you will lost the wagered amount for just 5-10 bucks. Yes you will get money to bet with but what can you achieve with such amount… Still if those are your last $100 in the balance, maybe it’s better to cash out and try the lady luck hehe.

Sports betting bonuses conclusion

Overall, we are voting strongly for the startup bonuses. So far only big companies are operating in the US and the bonuses are quite easy for wagering. This not only help players to test the bookmakers and to see how it works, but also to make money. Go for them use the bonuses claim them and try to win the most you can. Following our tips, with some basic knowledge on the sport you bet should help you win more.

If you are interested, here we have listed all possible bonuses you can claim in your state: Sports Betting Bonus List. You can choose for various of quality bookmakers fully licensed in your country to play in. The list is ordered in three different fields of bonuses depending on the difficulty of the offer.