We have named the 3 best New Jersey online Sportsbooks at the moment!

The Best NJ sportsbookSince New Jersey fully legalized the sports betting and gave a huge freedom for the operators, many companies joined the community and obtained a local license. By far there are 3 bookmakers which we consider as the best choice for you! We have tried to find the best one in each category depending on the player interest. Some bookmakers are absolutely for beginners while other request some advanced skills. While some are focusing to bring the best odds possible other compensate with more bonus campaigns. For some bookies the customer experience is a must and they care a lot about it with custom way of communication and loyal systems. In contrast, there are bookmakers who bet on the professional approach and don’t have unique approach towards customers.

Overall, the level of the competition here is extremely high and you won’t regret choosing either of the local sportsbook with license. However, there is one specific bookmaker which is just a little bit more appropriate for your way of betting. Stay with us to find which bookmaker fits which type of player.

Top online sportsbooks in New Jersey

Best sportsbook Fanduel
DraftKings Best sportsbook
Top Bet stars sportsbook

As overall rating those bookmakers may be not ranked as top 3 in our sportsbook ranking, so you may wonder why they are here? As we mentioned early different bookmakers have different focus, this article is mostly trying to help you find the best bookie for your way of playing.

Why Fanduel is the best sportsbook for me?

NJ best sportsbook - Fanduel

Fanduel is one of the most professional sportsbooks in New Jersey! It’s a product of BetFair which of the top bookmakers in the word as well as number one Betting Exchange platform. Furthermore their recent act of paying over $80,000 due to mistake in the odds proves their seriousness to follow the rules. It was a bet with obvious mistake which many sportsbook will refuse to pay.

For those of you who want to get professional treatment without worrying about hidden terms or misleading info that’s the best bookie! Fanduel sportsbook has the fairest odds, not as high as some other but not low one for sure. You won’t be overwhelmed with promotions from the start, but you won’t be forgotten and the betting promotions will be always attractive and interesting.

Conclusion: Fanduel is a long term sportsbook for everyone who looks for solid bookie where to play without problems and frustrations.

Is Draft Kings the best sportsbook for me?

best sports betting site DraftKings

If you are a big stack player who seeks the lowest risk and biggest investment, Draft Kings is your place! Here the odds are as competitive as possible where the limits are incredible high. It’s not likely for you to get limited there despite the fact that you are in a big winning run. The promotions are not so frequent but they are quite supportive if you are a big player wagering a lot of money. They have quite a unique customer approach and treatment once you proved to be a loyal player to them.

Being a big stack player, who rather invest and play for fun Draft Kings is the right place. Appropriate bonuses provided in the form of free bets or cash backs. Very high odds to squeeze up just enough to increase your winnings drastically in long run. Low chance of limiting the winners.

Conclusion:Draft Kings is the most suitable place for big stack players who are not seeking bonuses but high payouts.

Bet Stars is the best bookmaker for me or?

Betstars sportsbook best nj

Bet Stars is definitely the sportsbook which differs the most form the others. Everything they provide as odds and features is quite good and satisfying. The support, just as Draft King is a bit more dedicated to the customers. The way you will be treated there will be with lot’s of presents and nice surprised. Plenty of bonuses are already waiting for you there. However, this won’t be all! You will receive multiple special offers for the upcoming games as well as some special packages for your recent gambling activity. This bookie is for sure not the best place for winners, but for bonus seekers. Players who love to play more and entertain themselves.

Conclusion:Bet Stars is the place where you can play for fun. Where players are not looking for glory but for pure joy.

Our top advice for sports betting in New Jersey

Guys, you have plenty of options where to bet now! By far almost all sportsbook offer a warm welcome bonus over your first deposit with them. Yes, they do that in order to attract you and to get you as a customer. Despite the fact that this may sound bad, it’s something quite good for you indeed. That’s a great opportunity for every player to test the sportsbook and to win some money.

Note: We have a full list here with all Sports Betting Bonuses in New Jersey.

If you don’t feel skillful enough we highly recommend you to take the green or yellow highlighted bonuses in the above section. They have low wagering requirements and it should be very easy for you to cash out from it.

Conclusion:Take bonuses, try bookmakers play wherever you fill comfortable or lucky with.
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