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All about the US Sports Betting

US Betting advisorAfter the US Supreme Court voted for legalizing the sports betting, all States of America have the chance to decide independently rather to accept the wagering or sport or not. In the new laws there is no restrictions on the sports available for betting. Both of the professional and amateur leagues are free for betting on them unless your state restrict them.

Therefore, we from us-betting.info will keep you informed about all the news around the gambling laws in your state together with the best bookmakers (bookies), where you will be able to bet! Be advised that our main purpose is to provide you with the most accurate info regarding the US sports betting. Most importantly, the biggest focus will fall over the online and mobile gambling provided by fully legalized platforms.

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US Sports Betting. Where it is legal?

Sports betting is commonly known as one of the best way for entertaining yourself! Especially now when the law abandoning it was removed leaving the decision how to be provided on the States. Therefore, we have listed all states where this gambling activity is officially legal now.

Note: to clarify, unlike the other states Nevada provides all kind of Gambling apart from Horse Racing!
Furthermore, there are still some States which are open to legalize the online sports betting such as: Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Washington DC, West Virginia. All of the mentioned States in the previous sentence are in advanced discussions of legalizing the gambling activity. Some of them even agreed to do so but still working on clear laws and terms of usage. Most likely, they will have an open market pretty soon! To be updated about the regulations at your city visit our ‘’Legalizing betting News by States’’ section.

States which legalized the Sports Betting

Legal Sportsbooks in US

In brief we have prepared a review section of all legal bookmakers in your state here. Every important aspect of the bookie has been tested separately, where the intel is displayed in different sections. The total overview of the bookmakers is the average of the total sum from all different aspects.

To make it even more clear and easier for you, we have chosen three different sections. In them we are going to discuss the main points of the bookmakers. In summary, below you can find the different sections with their main sub topics.

Sport bonus reviewd

Bookmaker Bonuses

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Nowadays bonuses are absolutely essential for the bettors. Following the trend, we have spent a lot of time to review every bonus. Here we haven’t limited ourselves to the welcome only but to all available!

US betting experience

Betting Experience

Live betting
Mobile Betting App
Design and Usability

By far the most valuable think is your betting experience! Overall, our main focus is to find the perfect bookmaker to satisfy every player. That’s why we have tested, tried and reviewed every possible way of betting.

Customer Care in bookmakers

Customer Care

Deposit and Withdraws
Secure and Trust
Our Experience

Last but not least is the customer care part. This includes the banking and the way the bookie treats it’s customers. For sure, every players wants to know when and how he can get support or paid. Cuz customers should comes first.

In a word, all of the people who are writing the reviews are very experienced. Some of them have also previous experience working for leading global bookmakers. They all know how to take the advantage of the bookmakers. On the other hand, they also can easily define the strongest points of every bookie. At the end of every sportsbook review, to sum up we will share an overall rating with thoughts about it. Moreover, for the YouTube lovers we have also prepared special videos! There we are moving quickly over the above topics, giving some great tips how to take the best betting experience.

US Sports Betting Bonunses

How the sports betting bonus works? Claiming a bonus could be crucial for boosting your income at the very start. In fact, bonus gives you far more confidence and increase your average bet a lot. However, be advised that you may need to meet some specific requirements in order to withdraw any bonus winnings. In fact many people are losing their money due to this bonus terms. While on the other hand, people familiar with those terms can take an advantage of them. Still, there are no guarantees that you will rollover the bonus even if you are aware of them. However, we know how to increase the chance of converting the bonus! Visit our US sports betting bonus guide to understand how to increase the chance of winning from the bookmakers promotions. As one of our favorite bookmakers – Fanduel is currently offering one of the best bonuses on the market (so far the bookmaker has license only for New Jersey).

Top 3 US Sports Betting Bonuses

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Top 3 NJ Sports betting Bonuses

Best New Jersey sportsbooks

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Best mobile betting bonuses

US sports bonuses for your mobile app

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How to make money with bonuses?

How to bet and win

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What to know about the Online Betting in US

Learn how to bet like pro in US

Many people still prefer the old school betting with their local land based bookie because they feel more save and connected to the game which is absolutely not true… Using an online platform you are not only able to bet on twice more markets and events but you can also monitor every game on to gamble live while he game is still going. Monitoring the situation you can use the live betting to be which team will score the next goal or point as well as over 100+ other markets depending on the sport you are watching. On top of that you can also access real time stats from the particular game as well as the history of the two teams and their recent performance. Here we will try to give you some explanation about the procedure and tips how to enhance your online betting experience.

How to bet online?

First of all you will have to create account with the bookmaker you are interested in. Second, and most important you must deposit, unless you have some special free bonus. Once the deposit is completed you can search for the event you want to bet over. There you will find numbers of markets on which you can pick and settle your bet. Immediately after the game your coupon will be settled and your winnings paid out. However, if your bet is lost no one will return your money unfortunately. Still some bookies have a cash back or special bonuses for certain events which could return part of your bet stake.

In conclusion, placing a bet in US online bookmakers is quite quick and easy. What’s more, the gambling there is absolutely secure especially now when it’s legal. Just make sure to play where it is legal and the bookie is using one of the local licenses. In addition, there are more tips and training sessions in our US betting guide section.

US Mobile betting and Sportsbook app

US Mobile bettingIn general there is no difference between the desktop and mobile betting. You will have the same options to bet as well as, pretty similar features. In terms of deposits and withdraws there is also no difference. Sports betting bonuses can be used simultaneously in all kind of devices. Most of the operators provide support 24/7 and you should be able to reach them through the live chat from your mobile phone or at least to send them an email. Some of the bookmakers are offering both browser and app solution not only for IOS but also for Android. Overall you should be completely satisfy with the online mobile gambling experience.

What's important for you is to understand that no mater how you claimed the bonus you are free to wager it on both desktop or mobile device. It is save using your phone outside of your home with mobile data or other wifi networks as long as you are sure they are protected. Overall it's very secure way of playing and you shouldn't find any problems with it.

Different types of betting

US betting tips and facts

Be advised that there are huge varieties of betting types and options. They are also very different depending on the sport you want to play! Without delay, check out our betting directory or use one of our short cuts with the most popular sports.

First of all we have prepared a detailed review of every betting market. Second, you can check all kind of combinations and system betting options. At the end you can receive solid knowledge regarding arbitrage betting and other strategies targeting long term income.You can read more about it in our Full Sports Betting Guide here.

We know that everybody likes free money, bonuses and the option to play more! That's why we have reviewd all exisign bonus types. Since we consider ourselves as quite experienced bettors, we have build up the most winning strategy for each of the bonuses. Some special tips stright from our profesional tipsters will be waiting for you as well. If you enjoy betting and you do it quite frequently we recommend you to check our Betting Guide you wont regred hearing about our experiense as well as to receive some extra knowledge

Sports Betting tips by Sports

NFL sports bettingMoney line, handicaps and all betting markets available discussed in details.

How to bet on NBAThe NBA offers a list of all unique options on which you can bet there.

NAHL way of bettingIs quite different and offers special markets which are displayed in details.

How to bet on BaseballBaseball Is far less dynamic sport but with plenty of options to bet on.

all about betting on golfGolf is not quite complicated but We have a few notes to add there so you don’t get confused check them out.

Special bets for PoliticFrom politic to some huge questions which wonder everyone, yes there are such options on which you can bet and we will tell you how here.

horse betting we knowThere are 7 special types of betting plus several more options will be reviewed for you.

US bookmakers - Sign up, Deposit and Withdraw

Both of the procedures are quite quick and easy for the users. Only the first time it will take around 30 seconds but afterwards is just a few clicks. The bookie will save your payment method and keep it protected. In fact, you will just need to confirm the CVV number and the amount in order to complete the deposit.

Furthermore, for those who are more concern about the info they are providing, here is what you need to know. In order to sign up you will be requested to provide details such as: Name, Sure Name, Date of birth, Current Address, Phone number (not always a must), email, Gender and some other not so important one. Those details will be protect by secret question as well as password. Even further there are bookies which will lock them with additional security number. After depositing your credit cards iban will be hidden and only the last digits will be visible. The only way to deposit is by verifying your CVV code.

In short, your account will be safe and secure from outsiders as well as quite protected from your surrounding environment. Still we do recommend you never to save your passwords not only for your bookie but also for your email. Your friends and family could quite easy access your account if they have one of those 2 passwords.

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The Online Horse betting in US

Yes we are mainly focusing on the sports betting, but we are not able to avoid the Horse Racing option. Being absolutely legal this kind of entertainment has become one of the most popular among the US. This is something very dynamic and tricky, which makes it one of a kind! The ability to play from your mobile everywhere you go, makes it quite accessible and easy now a days. It gives you the ability to reach much more information and to predict the outcome much more precisely.

With all the changes in the gambling laws in the US, the online betting will become more and more accessible for you! One of our most recommended bookie is TVG by far the most traditional one.

Be advised that despite the liberty of the America when it comes to Horse racing, there are still a few states in which the activity is strongly prohibited!

Below we have listed for you all of the States which allows the Horse betting:
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia
Puerto Rico

Horse and Hound betting is one of the most famous and traditional gambling for the people of the US. It’s one of the oldest and most attractive one since it’s very intensive and dynamic. It’s very unpredictable sport, until they cross the final you can’t be sure who will take the win. For the people who are not located in one of the states listed above we are sorry to inform you but it’s not likely that they will get any time soon available for you.

Best Horse Betting Bonus

TVG with the best bonus for Horse betting

Most Recomended Bookie

Best choise for horsebetting

Best Betting Odds

Best horse betting odds

Note: There is no law which prohibits the online betting on Horses and hound or through mobile device.

US Online Betting Conclusion

You are now able to bet to bet on everything at any time everywhere which is a huge advantage! It’s easy, safe, secured and it gives you a massive advantage over the bookmaker since you can use multiple platforms which support your betting accuracy with additional stats and info regarding the competitive sides. Be aware that there is even an advantage if you sign up to the bookmakers through the bonus codes which we have listed by providing a detailed review and tips so you can use special bonuses to increase your chance of making a bigger win.